Convergys® ISE Auto

Fully-autmatic Electrolyte Analyzer

The comfortable way of Electrolyte Analysis

• Optional TCO2 measuring module

• Built-in thermal printer

• Automatic two-point calibration

• 2 level QC management and

integrated statistical analysis

• 240×128 dots touch LCD

• Large data storage for 500 results

• Integrated air-liquid-air-liquid

rinsing mode to avoid carry-over

• Measured Parameters:

K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca++, Li+, pH

and TCO2 as optional

• Autosampler for 24 samples and

1 emergency sample

• 100 μl sample volume of

whole Blood, Serum, Plasma,

Urine or CSF

• 60 tests per hour throughput


Specifi cations of Convergys® ISE auto

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