Convergys® liquical

The Fully Modular Platform for


• Modular Electrodes Design: Resulting in low consumable costs. Change only the membrane, not the complete electrode!

• Economy: Individually replaceable calibrator and rinse solutions. Economical pack sizes keeping the on-board stability and your workload in mind. Not a drop of reagent goes to waste.

• Illuminated Liquid Flow Path: Easier detection of any blockages or bubbles by a simple visual check.

•Fully-fl exible Integration: Scale up as you go. Install additional test parameters in your existing analyzer as your business requirements grow. No need to buy additional analyzers.

• Fully-fl exible Calibration: Choose between Standard and Economy calibration modes to keep your lab costs under check.

• Fully-fl exible Test Menu: Select the parameters you need to measure.

Convergys® liquical

Specifi cations for Convergys® liquical

4-Seiter Liquical_ 2013_11.indd
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